Back garden photos

I took these this morning and as I have to keep deleting some of my photo to put new ones up I am trying out this app with Instagram and movie maker to make a slide show for the blog  so far so good .

when you look at the long hedge were I tried to grow under neath it it looks impossible to as it keeps coming further out THE HEDGE UNLESS I TRIM IT EVERY MONTH

in middle if cleaning greenhouse out the white netting hiding my courgette is out side I was afraid I would loose all my fruit with it sitting on shelving and not in the right size put to start with so  I used what I had  the time

I have not taken photo but the grapevine is doing good it next doors last year I kept pruning it only  once and it another source of food for the wildlife as not sure when to harvest them when green or red  very small fruit on them they did not take the dead wood away in the winter ,

So I better this year were I can as it though metal fence  handy as some of my compost bins are near by so easy to put cuttings into the bins

I will this post here for now happy gardening until next time

have a blessed day









My tree follow


butterfly    bush                                                                                                                                                                           

please take no notice of the date my camera is have a mad moment i keep changing it then it goes back again

the flowers are looking great i had to make sure i did not get any of the nasty Japaneses knot plant in the photo

the butterfly’s and other insects are enjoying the flowers



My own compost

Well I have used all my shop brought compost up and I have a few seedlings soon that will need to be potted on so I just sieved some of my own compost ready to do that with  feeling very pleased it feels good and looks good to I  will be adding some per light  to it .