Ask Believe Receive

Good morning, My landlord has re asked me to remove my compost bins again as they believe my compost is causing the RATS I stopped feeding the birds only have one birdtable at the bottom of the garden with two feeders attached to it  As they said that would be happy about  sometimes you can win some times you lose but i am looking on the bight side i move the ones in the back garden  apart from my round one  and see what they say  then


PTDC0004 (5)



2 thoughts on “Ask Believe Receive

  1. Helen says:

    Sorry you’ve got to remove your compost bins. So short-sighted of the landlord from an ecological point of view. I don’t see why the compost bins would be such a magnet for rats – and you have such fun with your compost 😥

  2. lindas garden and wildlife says:

    THAT my landlord i have his farm manger living next door to me with neat front and back garden and can take his rubbish to the farm every week i had to cut back on feeding the birds only allowed one table down the end of the garden i only going to move 3 from the garden and see how it goes

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