Training morning for Grow buddies


training went well then we broke for tea and coffee and cake made by Michelle our   coordinator then so fellow master composter called in to share what they had been doing plus we had a talk from a lady on dementia   which was very interesting  and was hoping we my want to became friends of a person with dementia  was give a badge to show our support

Tomorrow I be at for Master composters

Gressenhall Goes Wild!

Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

so will add to this post when i came home or on Monday

It was a very long day for me as I  was from 1o am until 5pm  but I really did enjoy the day have manged to get a good talk of about what to put in and not to and the young children  even notice some had not taken the sticker  of the banana’s so I would tell  the person of as one child side it not showing us a good example is if the person who owns the wormy

plus another child   said we better get a new table cloth as it got bits of orange and lemon on and onions and I am telling not to put them in their compost  bins or kitchen scrap bins  plus it was my first seating up for a big event done a small car boot thing on my own  but not were so many of the general public were going to be

well  had 91  visitors to our stand  I was amassed


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