Over the weekend I brouht

A hollyhock and a french lavender plant

I planted the hollyhock in the front garden and just thinking were to put the french lavender


photo 2

photo 1

I still have not managed to plant my hedging plants might have a go after a coffee  before it gets two hot for the dogs to be with me i do have a video update of greenhouse  to add to the post   I be out with the Garden Organic Grow buddy team on Saturday  compost as well  at a local re homing center for dogs and cats  more photos  will follow  possible next week

encouraging folk to compost or share growing  with others

Growing Buddy with Garden Organic

As a Volunteer Growing Buddy you will inspire Golding Home residents to have a go at gardening and to begin to grow some fruit and vegetables. You don’t have to be an expert gardener, just interested in growing and happy to support others to get involved. Ideally you’ll be a Golding resident yourself, if not, you’ll be committed to improving your local community. As a volunteer you will be encouraged to give your time promoting the programme and supporting others to have a go at growing. There will be ongoing support from a Project Officer with resources from national charity Garden Organic.



well i think i leave it their for now have a blessed day


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