Thank you purpleslobinrecovery

blogger-recognition-awardfor kindly  nominated me this Award I  was taken back I have been honored  before in other types of awards

and if any of my reader would love to accept  this award then kindly do so as it hard for me to just choose only 15 as you all deserve to have one


I started my blog as I am at home with my 3 dogs and the wildlife  and  David my husband  just lately i have not managed to get my wildlife cams back up and was the other thing i used to blog a bout along with cooking .art and cards making and gardening love trying to grow my own food much more taster and you only have to go out side your back or front door depending were you put your veggies or herbs and fruit

and to make friends as do not have many close friends near by a part from my local church Family when i can get their due to helping out at Master Composter stalls and events


Advice for new bloggers

just be your self’s

and write from your heart and not what you think others want to hear from your blogs


Have a blessed day



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