Easton and Otley Collage Family funday

Each year Norfolk Master  Compositors   have a stand with in the compound of the collage David and myself normal go as part of my birthday present which was on The 1st of June  and it always on the first Sunday of June  David kindly took these for me  for my blog and for Master Composter as well as I like to have a memory of each event I do we had 70 folk come by in the afternoon  from 1pm -4pm which I think was lovely and I am feeling more confident  in taking to people about promoting Compost at home or a wormier  Because even if you only got a  small place you can garden and grow your on food and compost


The children loved being shown the worms in our can of womerier bin .enjoyed looking through our bug viewers image came from  Google images as forgot to get David to take a  close up photo before  he went for a walk about  we put a slug in one of them  which was a get hit with adults  as well as the children



My next event will be on the 26 Th of June at Thetford open Gardens  Kings House  Gardens

Address: King St, Thetford IP24 2AP would be lovely to see some of you if you can from 10 am – 3pm
have a blessed week

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