My two day master composting workshop

Day one

After coffee and signing in and the introductions

we had a little talk about the partnership between Garden Organic and the Master composting  network

then we had a site visit


I had taken some lovely photos but  my PC swallowed them up can not find them anywhere on my computer

so the only one  could find was this one


stays in these baggy things for 12 weeks before being bags up for compost      for the general public

it is an amazing place

this like the one we went to look at with the steaming piles

could not find one similar to the site we went to I  keep looking for one

well here are my photos form the 2nd day

I just can not wait to start my 30 hours before I am giving my  CERTIFICATE


4 thoughts on “My two day master composting workshop

  1. Helen says:

    Not heard of the Master Composting Network but will look into it as it sounds like an organisation I would get something from, being such a lover of compost 😊.

    Sounds like you had a very worthwhile couple of days, Linda.

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