Look what arrived this morning

David kindly surprised with this lovely Kitchen garden kit as he hurt his back last week and had to be laid up and on the sofa as a thank you gift

we have chivies,parsley ,coriander. basil  sown in that order

David looking forward to watching them grow as he kindly put a bit of wood for me

to be able  place the box on


PTDC0006 (2)

Last harvest of chill’s last seasons  

and while I  was in the greenhouse I pick the last of last season chill’s and all David did was place them all in a jar with an a tight jar so never tried storing them this way  be for

so if anyone  can advice if it alright this way please kindly  do so down below

5 thoughts on “Look what arrived this morning

  1. Helen says:

    Are the chillies still fresh, not dried? They might go mouldy if they are fresh, but that’s just a guess as I haven’t tried storing them in this way either.

  2. Julie says:

    Love the herb planter Linda. Sorry to hear about your husband’s back, hope he gets better soon. I haven’t stored chillies that way either, only when they’re dried. I would assume they would go mouldy if they’re fresh but I don’t know.

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