Update on back garden

I had a phone call this morning and Richard from Church came to see what he could do in aiding me to get ready  for spring  for our growing area  I am waiting for a more information  but we talked about re weeding putting a membrane down and covering with wood chip so this after noon   I moved apple and pear seedlings to one corner of the first bed then when we move it will be in a straight line without going round  the tree

only moving the birdbath and toadstool when we mow the grass


my home grown apple and pear  trees I must re fill my bug hotel  not sure with what as yet but i will find some thing you see that on the video


7 thoughts on “Update on back garden

  1. lindas garden and wildlife says:

    I would like to but i am only allowed a narrow strip as UN gardener wants it for the dogs i still need to try and put a fourth bed in otherwise i will only be doing a 3 bed rotation hence using narrow strip by the hedge
    have a blessed day Helen

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