Now i have been getting inters ed in the different ways we do our composting yes were we can source things for free all the more better as we all say but DIET i never thought about making the items we put into our bins smaller the fact that their will decompose down more quicker giving you a quicker yield to put on your beds as mulch or as a growing medium
But all the items on the yucky side you can put in to a small bin called and it shows you in this short vid



But it all in the art of getting the right balance and remembering to damp down each time you put a new layer now how many of us use tap water to do it ?
i put my hands unto it but we should be using the rain water that we collect or leave a bucket out to collect some rain then put it into your water can to damp down your compost
but now if the weather mans tells me on the news its going to rain i open my compost bins in the morning or night before so the heavens can help me out
We all like to eat different things so it makes since to think about what we want to put into our growing beds to feed our seedling and flowers because if you do it at the start all the feeding you want to put into the soil you even put a layer of bone meal and the other things into your compost as you make your compost ready for the new season

do not forget to stir you compost up as well between adding your next layer of kitchen or garden rubbish for you compost


well happy gardening and have a blessed day until next time



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