Super vid on composting at the end

After watching this i went to check on my own compost bins 3 out back and four out front one only has horse manure in it

this is what greeted me this morning back garden ones first

PTDC0004 (5)

I then went to a neighbor and asked if he would kindly come and remove it he just said add more compost on top so that’s what i did come normal waste hay and then i put a bucket full of manure on the very top and will it  to just rot down  i was taken back how many worms were in the manure with out any feeding it with anything so i filled my other 3 front bins with a layer of manure as well but did not have my camera with me as that filled to the top of the bin so i put a stone on top of the lid so i know it is full have a blessed gardening day



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