Happy NewYear to all my readers

The photos above were my Christmas present  the canvas David kindly got me and the art box his parents kindly got me which i am truly grateful for with all my other bits i have to i doing an old fashion  thing of dip which i take with me old or new complete set  yes  want to show it of but want to take the trolley with all my other items David got me for my birthday back in June .

PTDC0001 (4)

David managed to help fit new art box in my trolley so i can take all my art bits now

the lovely teapots came from the wildlife and the dogs

on the growing front

I can not remember were these came from but when i thought i might use them i found that their is no drainage hole for water i did a test overnight and filled them with water to see if they would seek out but still  the water was in their .

so i am open to suggestion on how i can use them

hopefully this year will be betting for me growing and managing to feed us without having to go out to the shops to buy food from the shops so watch this space say every year and no more forward than i was this time last year


happy gardening productive,crafting and a blessed day



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