Cake is my normal sponge 8 oz of every thing



flour ether plain or self raising  flour

8 eggs

few drops of villa extract  place in bowl

apart from eggs microwave for 30 seconds to soften butter and helps the sugar combine better and flour then add the eggs into the mixture once out of microwave

then placed in your chosen cake tin and bake at 180 fan for 30 minutes PTDC0004.JPG

this is just a plain flapjack recipe you will need  and this makes 12 small one using cake pan below or you could make a big one if if you like

125g/5oz of butter

125g/5oz dermerara sugar

5 tables spoons of golden syrup

225g/9oz of oats

method on stove first  over low heat in a saucepan please and put your oven to heat up at medium heat  them once all wet mixture is combined  place into your oats which are in a bowl or jug waiting for the wet mixture  spoon or spread into you tray or patty pan bake for 15 -20 minutes

as tempting as it is please leave to cool completely or else they will crumble on you

PTDC0003.JPG hope you enjoyed this post have a blessed day whether you gardening or crafting or baking until next time



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