Smoothies for your compost bins

Smoothies for your compost bins

I was watching a video the other day were the Lady Makes smoothies for her wormery she has in the middle of each of her raised beds and that got me thinking would it have the same effect on our compost bins?

So with my kitchen waste I decided that every other day I would blitz it up and give it to my compost bins the trail is only using the ones in the back garden so far as the others are rotting down nicely

Without any help   I have one that just does not shrink no mater wat you do to it so when well enough I get David to give me a hand to try and turn it over then place it all back in

I suppose as it raining and the compost would get damp I should attempt on my own but not with these new tablets. I am no but I did managed my open compost pile  and moved some into my enclosed bins that were a little empty and as I moved some soil notice some worms were going into the enclosed bins so I am sure that will help them rot the compost down more quickly

Must call round to the stables and pick some more manure up for the gardens when David’s boot is empty.


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