Personal we bit down

I am fighting with the more you try and do to make ends meet you 500 times back again

at the start it like a yo back wards and forwards rather up and down  I meant

it nice of David to say remain at home and just look after the home ,dogs and Garden /greenhouse

but that does not help pay bills yes growing your own helps keep the food bill down  but we still trying to get the beds sorted out but will try and grow thing in the greenhouse this winter I just got to pull my socks up as they say get on with it

please with how the front garden is looking  one side of it any way  and the back is still a work in progress as they say  but coming on

the birds and bees had the grapes this year I managed to juice some like wise with raspberry’s need to cut them and make a bigger path between them  so I can get down  to harvest them .next year  as me and wasp do not like each other if I get stung I have major problems

I just keep losing my motivation to do things at present one minute I am in the mood to get going then the next I can not  do a thing    so I thinking of going to the doctors just to see if their is a medical reason for  the fact I am just stressing out  about the current funds area  well have a blessed weekend and happy gardening  until next time


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