Look what my darling husband brought home last night

photo7A8N03N9Now David brought these based on the name now before I put the other side up can you guess what he has brought  me ?

photo (2)Why is that men go by a name of something  regardless whether its for the garden or the house

the garden is still a work of progress in the back garden I was hoping to of got all the growing areas all sorted out but afraid not  but as David keep telling me Roman was not built in a day

just filled up my pink planter it had wild flowers in so they will reseed them selves hopeful plus as it need at least 4 inches of compost in it I planted mixed spring bulbs and as it by the growing area  will take photo shortly or included it in the video if it dose not rain  we had plenty of that this week

I still got to plant up this rare jacket spud my husband was giving a couple of months ago so I am calling rare and wonderful

baking potato when I harvest them at Christmas

so I quickly went out before it rained and took some photos

photo 1 (1) photo (1) photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 3 (1) photo 3 photoAfter the pink planter which has spring bulbs  you have gherkins, sweet peppers , more spring bulbs, round tub more spring bulbs  a selection of plants in the greenhouse  including a spider   have blessed weekend and happy gardening


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