Slow progress

nasty grass

When it only one person mainly doing all the work as the other even if they want to help but cannot due to constantly bleeding (re kidney problem) that their seems to be no cure for it.

I try and spilt myself in 2 trying to do front garden and back at the same time which

Cannot be done really can it, apart from spilt the day up so many hours in the front then in the back garden.

On a daily basic but it getting there and that’s the main thing but at times I feel I should be getting their quicker than I am doing at present.

The before I started doing the nasty grass that needs to be removed from this area

Hopefully it will all be done and looking good

Today I had a lovely surprise we have frogs in the old blue washing up bowl I had not got round to clearing it out thinking it fall of old drink cans and to my surprise spotted a frog move in the water



All so the bug hotel is getting busy now I thought nothing would go in how wrong was I

planted my lupines this morning out the front garden and in the rain and open all my compost bins to let the rain into them

it was a pleasure to re start the back boarders and having the dogs outside with me without having to keep them inside  because off other dogs just come in for coffee  we got grey clouds again

Spent the day in the back garden in between coffee breaks  and rain and hail showers

This morning the Sun has come out so after my 2nd coffee I will restart were I left of yesterday it is looking good  hoping the trail cam will let us see the frog today yesterday the wind moved the camera

Completed back border in the small wheelbarrow I have at one end of the back border I sowed some rudbeckia (Irish eyes) Flanders poppy and stocks mixed all the seeds up in some compost and put into the wheelbarrow

i sowed some  lettuces today and potted on some tomatoes not sure of name as got from Church taking it a little easy but will get back to the weeding in the back tomorrow


7 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. Flighty says:

    My sympathies. It’s clear that you’ve been busy, but don’t overdo it. If you do a bit most days it’ll soon start to look okay and gradually get easier. Happy gardening. xx

  2. Helen says:

    You’ve been busy, Linda. Sounds like you have got a lot on your plate, including no doubt looking after your other half – the kidney problem sounds horrible!

  3. Sarah says:

    Keep going Linda, the fresh air and focus will do wonders for your health so you can stay strong for your partner. Very best wishes..and enjoy watching the frogs 🙂

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