Nasty grass update

This is nasty grass I do not know it right name bit it trying to take over so I am trying to clear it we have some fennel at the back I belive it broze fennel but not sure

Trying to take the bindweed and bramble out as well as I have some in the backgarden

You can just see the marigolds  through the grass its hard work but will be worth it when it done

I have one wheelbarrow full already but I will not be composting it here as I do not have a burning area

Came in for lunch then the heavens open just as I had finshed getting the washing in whitch was good






We managed to take it to the tip on Saturday I planted my new tree on Sunday

Weeping willow once the pond is up and running it will look lovely in years to come

my ground is so hard to dig i planted my new plants that i brought yesterday this morning  and it was so hard but there in still need to weed the grass out  but it getting their slowly

7 thoughts on “Nasty grass update

  1. Helen says:

    That grass does look nasty. If it weren’t for the marigolds, I would be tempted to put black plastic over the patch and kill it off rather than use more labour-intensive mechanical means.

    • lindaswildlifegarden says:

      Thank you Helen that is one reason it taking me so long i was told to do it the other way dig the lavender and marigolds up but the soil has not been worked on for ten years so very hard in deed , i have to check the wild flower mix i thinking of putting down or one of this flower pouched you just sprinkling all over plus have to becareful of drain near by have a blessed weekend

      • Helen says:

        You could try greens manure to help break up the soil – I understand rye grass is a good one, though that is sown later in the year.

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