PTDC0001 (2) Prezi from David but the winds and mother nature need it more than I did for some reason

So back to the drawing board again I think so I will have to re sow everything again never mind

Perhaps some cold frames would be better even though you can do as many sowings at one time

As if I had a greenhouse?

We also lost a tree to mother nature and it was one that was already here so not sure of it name but will replace with a fruit tree of some sort soon .

I am thinking of digging a big hole and putting the base of my big bird table into it to stop it blowing over as I THINK David‘s idea would bring the fence down completely by attaching it with some more wood to stabile it from falling on to the fence and my bushes which I have to keep re planting  so watch this space .

so i will try and see how i do without the greenhouse for sowing things in for now and if i manage i will possable not bother with one i can use the airing cupboard to start things of and window sills in and around the house

wishing everyone a good Easter

from David and the dogs and me of cause


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