a mixture

plus i need to clear some of my gallery to upload some photos  get frustrated doing that is their an easy way please

IMG_1888 (1)70993_2102392553B_P1156_IMG_15_0000_max_135x100brassic a bedW ell I am so glad  to have my new greenhouse back up I got to work a way of holding the door up as the little ties are to short  to use

No I have not made a plan up so for this year  but will try and get one done soon  it smaller than my last on  I might have to put some small tables in as  staging

This is the back garden lay out so far

This standing at the bottom of the garden

Now I have roughly four squares that I guessing was the last tenants growing area one is fall of fruit canes and guessing raspberries

I put all my fruit trees in one corner of each square apart from my two I grew from seed the apple and the pear

I have two complete compost bins and one nearly full and half one fall of leaf mould in the making

New bed spuds
Fruit cane bed
Braccic like sprouts

So I got lots to do and along with making the front garden looking nice as well I have a rose bed and a mixture two one end

Well today I trimmed the grass out the front garden for the first time


After doing it I came in and had a nice warm drink

Not sure what I will do next but I will find something to do  so what this space

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