Since Sunday I have slowly been weeding the very back narrow border at the back of the garden

I have a little bit left to do and it by my dove cote and then I will carry on down the side and de weed the raspberry patch and dig over another bed not sure if I am going to make it into a raised bed to stop the dogs walking over the area and leaving calling cards on it.

I am in the middle of moving some of my compost bins as I am going to putting  my greenhouse up and it should be sheltered from the winds and the sun sits all day over that area where I am planingIMG_1888 (1) to put

it sheltered from the wind and i have made some adjustments well David has he put some zip tiers round the poles  top and bottom to keep the cover on and from lifting up

so far i have my 3 year old Chill plant my pineapple  plant just potted on some sage plants  and butterfly mix plants


for not reading any post they have not come to me email in box for some reason

will try and get it  sorted out

praying i start seeing life in all my fruit trees i brought with me to new home even my two i grew from seed are looking sad will do some videos soon again

sending you all blessing until next time

Glad to say the lawn mower is fixed so I can now once I got some petrol soon cut the grass plus it will help with another layer for my composting as well

As cardboard and weeds and kitchen waste

Not sure which tree to follow as yet?

For some reason I’m not getting all the post to my email  hence have not been likening your post  like I normal do


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