Time to show you around the front garden and the back garden

Time to show you around the front garden and the back garden

Some plants in the front I do not know what they are so all I am going to do is move the weeds first and see what comes up


I have to close the curtains otherwise the dogs will bark and make a noise and disturb my neighbour next door

lifthand side of garden  (1)


Taken from inside the house  instead of going outside and doing it I will leave any leaves as it will act us mulch for the ground but I will take an outside one when I have de weeded  the border 

Any think I add to ether the back or front garden must be helpful to the butterflies and bees and other insects around my garden

I started to weed the front garden but my plastic bag idea as a kneeler did not work so I got wet knees so came in and changed when I had a bucket full of weeds


I took my glove off and panicked as my wedding ring was not on my finger only my engagement ring luckily it was in the bottom of my glove

Must make note to self-take rings of before you start gardening

Not sure why they keep slipping off my finger?


Just had my homemade carrot parsnip and Brussel sprout soup it was yummy and filling 

photo (14)

Went out to poo pick like you do and noticed my stick mad Chocolate spaniel dog has bitten the top of my blackberry bush so hoping the bit that remains in the ground will re grow

Time for coffee and I will see what I get up to afterwards



Since moving I have more blackbirds but none with any rings on so far and starlings they make me laugh when working out how to get on the fat ball feeder 


I had a friend call by who was able to tell me my weeds from my plants so I can do some real weeding now rather than leaving something that might be a flower



And gave a helping hand to do some pruning then we burnt the pruning’s so I got some ash to add to my compost when cold

 Last nights winds 

The strong winds knocked by big bird table over during the night managed to pick it up again as rather heavy

And also put two poles back on my greenhouse I now added some stone to the side to keep the edged down  not promising  it will work  already a corner tie has come away from the plastic but I work away of fixing it soon



3 thoughts on “Time to show you around the front garden and the back garden

  1. Helen says:

    Bet it must feel good to be in the garden again!

    I am sure the blackberry bush will grow back. It’s a good idea to prune them hard anyway, so seems like you dog has been most helpful 🙂

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