count down to packing up the garden

Part two


well I taken the log feeder down my black current and my peach tree so far and it post and now come in as my whole body is shaking never had that happen to me before when gardening normal having cold drink as well only plum pear and cherry bush and butterfly bush x2


 I added two more pots now

I had to have a complete day of rest today after going shaky 14/11/2014 yesterday



Monday 17 of November 2014

I dug up my butterfly bush, small garden rose in back garden and gooseberry bush and the  but frushia mange to snap the top of but it was a massive bush so put rooting stuff on the end and planted into a pot and also the end with all the roots into another pot  so hopefully that one will recover


The good thing is now we can see our wires for my cams so it will make it easy for David when he comes to take them out


After lunch I man handled my round compost bin with compost in to the collecting area for things to go to new home and I be turning that into my kitchen waste bin once we moved


I moved my 8 round compost bins as well and some other plants and bagged up some of my small pots


Well I managed to emptied my wild bird shed ready for dismantling the prep work for moving is upsetting my Bess plus the farm are working on making a soak away for the water to stop it flooding the roads so extra noise as well my fav nest box fell down the red chalet but we will still be able to mend it and put it back up for the next spring


I still have my woodpecker next box to take down and that will be down on Saturday if I have not been brave to try myself and my other nesting Martials thing to come down


Moved my washing line pole that keeps my washing line up in the air and David took the side feeder down





Update two rose up out front garden apart from tables greenhouse empty waiting to be taken down on Saturday as I am not allowed even try just got potting shed wood pecker nest box to come down along with bug hotel and Dovecote so hopeful all plants will be down by Friday night as it only little me doing it all

 Having rest before going and doing some more



I managed to hurt my ankle yesterday so it quite painful walked into the bottom half of my whirly gig washing line  what with the long grass since our mower still has not got mended as yet

4 thoughts on “count down to packing up the garden

  1. lindaswildlifegarden says:

    I think it a mixture of not eating enough and doing to much trying to get all the plants up before this Saturday when we moving them to the new garden it only been me doing it all as David has been at work then come the weekend he tires to get me to rest

  2. Cynthia says:

    Good luck. It is so stressful to move, that is probably adding to your fatigue. Soon you will be settling into your new home and it looks really nice from the pictures you posted. Home stretch now! Eat healthy things even if you’re not hungry….sending good wishes

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