Feed the Birds: Part 1

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Green Lizard's Blog

The weather is changing. Although it’s still warm we’ve noticed that the mild spring has brought many of our crops at the allotment on early.

So that has meant that some foods aren’t available now as they’ve already finished fruiting.

It made me think about the wild birds. There’s some varying view points about feeding wild birds. My viewpoint is simple. The presence of people in large numbers has impacted on bird populations. This means that human habitats have wiped out bird habitats which reduces food availability.

There’s also huge amounts of domestic cats preying on wild bird populations. While cats can catch birds the significant numbers of cats in our neighborhood do make the odds for the wild birds pretty unfair.

Song bird populations in Western Europe are also declining. The changes to temperature have affected the life cycles of the caterpillars they rely on to feed their young…

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