Holding out for a pea!



A day like this feels like we are all doomed! A day like this feels like we are all doomed!

I am watching rain going across the hills in the distance sideways and now it is so heavy I can’t see the hills at all.  Seriously, when is all this going to stop!  There is water everywhere.  The ground is sodden and I don’t think it can take much more.  In the last three days we have had over 40mm of rain, but not that solid steady rain that the ground can absorb drop by drop.  We have been getting 15 minute periods of what feels like someone pouring water from a large bucket.  Then the wind moves the clouds on and the sun comes out and you think – ‘oh well that was that’.  So I pop on my gumboots and head out into the garden to inspect the depth of waterlogging, only to get caught in the next…

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