Local cinema / library

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I’ve written a few posts about live entertainment and theatre and the joy of experience over shopping and buying things.

I’d forgotten to mention another great contributor to experience over ownership.

The Library

It’s a place to borrow books, films and other media so that one copy can then be enjoyed by many people. Brilliant recycling!

Our library has some key additional features. IMG_7732.JPG
notice that Romans means Novels in Dutch.


Behind these women drinking a nice glass of wine (in the library, in the evening!) there’s a little door.


You can just make out from my blurred handiwork the sign on the door. It says Filmzaal. Yes, there’s a cinema in our library.

It specialises in smaller budget films and interesting topics. It has two screenings a week and a healthy attendance.

The room is small but has a great screen and real cinema style seating. It’s a…

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