What to do with a glut part 2 – Aubergines

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Martha's Kitchen/Garden

So let me commence what to do with a glut part 2. Aubergines. This is not a stand alone post. The main recipe here is Aubergine Parmigiana which uses two things (tomato sauce and slow roasted toms) from my last post ‘what to do with a glut part 1 tomatoes’ which can be found here:


So on to aubergines. I love aubergines. I love growing them, looking at them, cooking with them and of course eating them. This is the third year I’ve grown aubergines and over the years I’ve tried a few different kinds. Let pause for a moment to witness the fitness of this, the first aubergine I ever grew, from seed in my parents back garden. The variety is Ophelia and it’s meant to be small!


This was a revelation. Beset by aphids, devoured by slugs, my mum told me to throw out my miserable aubergine…

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