Waste Less Live More Week

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My Make Do and Mend Year

Hurray ,it’s back!
It doesn’t seem like a whole year since last year’s Waste Less Live More Week, but it is!

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Last year was all about Better Food for All, and if you missed it, and have a burning desire to read them, you can see my posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here!

This year, the theme is Be Resourceful, which sounds a teeny bit like it might be right up my street!

On the Waste Less, Live More site, it says that “Being resourceful is about finding new, creative and inventive ways to live better, within our means.”
I couldn’t agree more!

Waste Less Live More Week 2014 runs from the 22nd-28th September, and each day there is a Challenge-as with last year, I’m planning to blog everyday about the challenges, and my take on them.

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