Something very fishy going on

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My essential fatty acids have run out. What’s she on about this time? I hear you cry!

Essential fatty acids! EFAs when we were kids EFAs came from Cod Liver Oil. It was vile.

Cod Liver Oil is one of those phrases that to me, has morphed into one word. A word we stop thinking about the meaning of. We never thought about it coming from Cod’s liver.

A cod should be a massive fish. The biggest I’ve seen was about 70 cms long. But in former times this fish was huge. I’ve wondered how big it’s liver is and how many cods livers it takes to fill a bottle with those tiny golden capsules.

These days they don’t necessarily mention fish when you buy EFAs. For one thing they’re commonly called omega 3, 6, 9 for example. Let’s keep anyone from thinking about the fish or it’s liver…

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