Powdery mildew

Thanks for sharing have a blessed day Helen

Growing out of chaos

When I opened the curtains this morning, I noticed grey spots on the leaves of my pumpkins. It looked just like I had splattered grey paint over the garden. Turns out that this is powdery mildew, so I am now acquainted with yet another unwelcome garden guest.

Anyway, I have been out to cut off the affected leaves – one plant is in a worse state that the other, with mildew on the stem as well. This is the one on which I have an increasingly orange fruit, so I’ll take out the plant today and continue the ripening process on the patio.

As for the other plant, it has produced – belatedly – what looks to be a fertilised baby pumpkin. As this plant seems okay on the whole, I think I’ll leave it, having taken off the affected leaves, and see what happens. It’s a bit late in…

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