Asian Hornets – are they on their way here?

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Fiona Dillon Writes

We are incredibly proud of our little apiary here at Hunters Lodge.  Our bees are tended to with great love and care.

In turn, they reward us with the most delicious honey.


Now I say we, but in truth, it’s Eamonn who puts in all the work with the bees.  If he is too busy to attend local beekeeping meetings, he catches up with all the latest “bee talk” through “An Beachaire, The Irish Beekeeper”, a monthly journal issued to members by FIBKA (Federation of Irish Beekeeper’s Associations).  Each month it is packed with news and advice.  The September issue arrived bringing news of the Asian hornet.  Now, I hadn’t heard of this particular hornet, but it is something that every Irish beekeeper needs to become familiar with.

The article was written by Mary Montaut, Hon. Editor of “An Beachaire, The Irish Beekeeper”, and I contacted her for permission to share her…

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