‘Broadcast Live from …..London’

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When you live in a foreign country you miss different things. Specific food, places, landscapes, people, events.

It might be the taste of Guinness or your favorite cheese.

In The Netherlands the absence of hills can tug the heart strings. Those wide expanses of flat land can leave you thinking of ‘1000 acres of sky.’

If it’s a tradition or song like Auld lang syne. when you see or here it in another place it can be quite emotional.

After seventeen years in The Netherlands, I like to think most of the things I miss have been replaced by other traditions and habits.

People are still a big factor which is made easier by Facebook and Skype etc.


The one thing that I will always seek out is English language theatre. I like the fact that theatre is also lower impact environmentally, unlike gifts or objects they don’t have…

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