The Trouble with Tea….

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My Make Do and Mend Year

I will start by confessing that I am a big of a tea addict. I am not quite as bad as my dear old mum was-she couldn’t even face breakfast without having had at least 2 cups, and was never more than half an hour away from her next one! But I am partial to a cuppa.
I’ll pretty much drink any tea, but my tea of choice os the classic, Earl Grey.

Now you wouldn’t think that tea would be that complicated would you?
Well it is.
As well as all the arguments about the ‘right’ way to make tea: teapot or not; bag or loose; boiling water or 90C; milk 1st etc etc, when you are trying to make the ‘right’ choices ethically, it get a whole lot harder.

I found out recently that tea bags actually contain tiny amounts of plastic, and that although I’ve been happily chucking…

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