Summer Veg Success stories


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This year has been really successful. The allotment has been a triumph.

Last year we were fairly disillusioned by poor weather and weeds but this year we were dedicated and decided to do some winter planting too.

It meant that we’ve overcome the last years doldrums.

Success stories so far include.
The sweetcorn where we did better than last year. There’s been around ten good cobs so far. Normally sweetcorn hasn’t been that good for us.


Hidden under the handle of this basket is our first sweet dumpling, our favorite edible pumpkin. We’ve had limited success with it so far but this year there’s around seven of these nestling between those broad squash leaves. The weather is still mild with some rain so I’m optimistic they’ll keep growing.


Granny Meeky and the hens are doing us really proud. Apart from the early morning walk up calls which have made us…

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