A different kind of harvest

Thank you for sharing have a blessed day

Growing out of chaos

Things are chugging along nicely in the garden (and on the windowsills). I spy something that looks like it could soon be an aubergine, there are more cucumbers on the way, I’ve got runner beans coming out my ears and the pumpkin grows oranger by the day. Sadly, I can’t say the same for the tomatoes but at least the buckwheat has now all been cut down so I can plant some spring bulbs in its place and I’ve potted on some cauliflower.

However, the best news for today is that I got a huge bag of green peppers from my parents when I visited at the weekend. And a bag of crab apples, which have been boiled and are now being strained to make jelly. I had some crab apple jelly a couple of years ago, which inspired me to put a tree for them in the garden –…

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