Chickens in Schools

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Fiona Dillon Writes

You may recall back in June I announced my collaboration with the South East branch of Slow Food Ireland when we launched a competition for national schools in the SouthEast, with the winners receiving a chicken coop, chickens and all the bits and bobs required to get them set up as poultry keepers.  Well since then the Summer has come and gone, and all that remains is to pick the winners.

Eggs (10) There will be four schools who will win this amazing prize – one in Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford.  The winners will be announced during Waterford Harvest Festival next weekend.  Sadly, I can’t be there, but I do believe none other than Darina Allen will be announcing the winners.  When the coops are delivered, I will be visiting the winning schools and teaching the adults and children how to look after their new flock (a certain local radio station might just tag…

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