“When shall we three meet again…”

Awesome and thank you Liz for sharing

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The stage is set, a giant sheep in sack cloth lumbers onto the simple boards, led there by a kilted porter.

With a flick of the sacking and a spinning action the creature divides to become three haggard witches.

One of the great things about avoiding buying stuff to be more environmental is taking the opportunity to have experiences instead.

So when English language Shakespeare comes to town I’m always very keen.

Even more so when the stage is in the open air.


Important buildings that often become remote rake a very different personae when they form the backdrop to established dramas.

STET is a group that supports English language theatre in this part of The Netherlands and the annual visit of a touring Shakespeare company is one big highlight.

The company, Illyria, has been coming to The Netherlands for many years.

Their performances never fail to combine comedy…

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