Product Review & Sweepstake: The Purrfect box + fun videos and photos

Awesome and thank you for sharing


Hello everyone,

So last week Friday was the day that our Purrfectbox arrived!

Oliver was super excited and guarded the box as it came in. 😀

He didn’t want to wait for me to open it and started digging into the box himself as you can see on the below video:

Once I opened it the two were even more eager to get inside! So let us see what they thought about their purrfect box! 😀


Nubia: This is all mine!

Oliver: I don’t think so… I have first dibs on the toys…


Oliver: Can we play with this first???


Oliver: So many new things!!! 😀


Nubia: Right well I am keeping this – you don’t like fish anyway Oliver 😀

Oh and here is a little video of Nubia enjoying her valerian heart pillow!

Our cats and us were very impressed with the box – it contained a variety of different…

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