Hartleys Jelly pots – slurpy review

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Chiswick Mum

So when I got sent a bag of Hartleys Jelly pots to review, I thought:

“That’s nice enough. I’m sure Chiswick Boy will love them. Not that I’d ever buy jelly in a pot of course – have to make it up yourself don’t you. At parties.”

Then I had one. Just to be sociable you understand.

And blimey – these were the tastiest, fruitiest, juiciest jellies I’ve ever tasted. They were simply delicious. They contain zero sugar too – which I’ve never bought in packets as I always thought it meant zero taste. Plus zero fat and none of those nasty artificial colours and flavourings.

You know what else? In my high and mighty, sniffy ‘I’d never buy jelly in pots’ attitude I’d forgotten the things about making real jelly:

1. The tears

2. The fact it’s never set in time for the party

3. That my bunny jelly…

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