Bonnes Vacances…

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Hen Corner

Welcome back to Hen Corner!

As featured in Country Living Magazine

We had a wonderful holiday in South West France again this year and delighted in not just eating the regional food but also meeting the local people. Readers who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will have seen some of the other things we’ve been up to recently…

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Soirée Gourmande…

We were so fortunate that whilst we were staying just outside the little hamlet of Le Ségur a series of events had been scheduled to showcase local food producers. Venues included a distillery, a vineyard, a specialist food shop and our local dairy farm. We had a delightful evening at Fromagerie du Buisson Blanc with the owners, Sylvie & Phillipe Basse, alongside 300 other people!

The evening began with a tour of…

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