A walk in the Park: number 2

awesome post Liz thank you for sharing

Green Lizard's Blog

I’ve written before about different aspects of our local area. We live to take a walk and still find things we didn’t know we’re there really close to our house.

Yesterday we strolled back from a friend’s and did it again.

First we found these amazing black cap toadstools in the wooded section.



Then this man-made lake is in the middle of an estate of flats. It’s been created as a green haven and we walk or cycle thorough it regularly.

This time we crossed the lake for the first time.

And we discovered another river crossing to the island.


The clever Dutch planning has filled this green space with activities. There’s separate soccer and basketball courts that are vandal proof and durable. The soccer pitch has astro turf. The bird population enjoys the water which in turn supports drainage.

Check out the twisted beak of this juvenile swan. As…

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