Mondays aka A Fresh Start

Thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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Yeah, I know it’s not Monday.  Not sure where it went but…

Unlike most folks, I enjoy Mondays!!

It’s like a whole new year, except it’s a whole new week. A clean slate.  A world of possibilities.

And…a new LIST!!

Being the Grand Czarina of List Makers, I have my handy dandy tablet…actually several of them and pen at the ready. Ideas have been buzzing around in my mind for hours now. (Not a lie…couldn’t sleep so praying and thinking were my options!)

So since the porch lights are now sparkly AND the antique brass light in the dining room is polished, all dirt dobber nests are deleted and the east side of the house (also the front porch) have been power washed, grass is mowed and trimmed, weeds sprayed, weeds pulled…I can march forward.

Or not.  All of the apples are now picked, washed, cored, cut up…

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