He’s at it again!

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life

And, I might add, I’m thinking “When the Game Stands Tall” didn’t help. We went to see it last week, with recommendations coming in from his past athletes saying stuff like, “Wow. The coach in the movie reminds me so much of Coach (Big Boss).” It was a good movie and both of us are humongous fans of Jim Caveizel. Huge.

The theme was outstanding in spite of some choppy scripting at times. Laura Dern played the wife…ummm, well, Patricia Heaton would have been a possible choice. Dern didn’t do a bad job and certainly, her lines may have suffered from the writing..or lack thereof. But it was an emotional rollercoaster and passes the rating test for viewing with the whole family. That being said…back to BB…and yeah, I intended to post this weeks ago. It got lost. I just found it. 🙂



Do these pics looks familiar?  Man, they…

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