Allotment September update: Special treats

Lovely post thank you for sharing Liz

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It’s September.

That’s the end of summer for me. Back to work. And my birthday. Bah!

An easy time to feel a bit grumpy.

But then off we go to the allotment.

Two punnets of pinky raspberries and one of dark shiny blackberries.

Start feeling better.

A whole bucket of spuds in various colours.

Here’s a grin!

Another tub of achocha. Let’s get a curry going!

And then a tour of the sights, sounds and smells.


Two of our artichoke plants have made it to flower. They are small but for me an indicator that next year the plants will be bigger and better.


Did you see those chillies? Huge! not sure if they are hot or not we’ll bring them home and see if they ripen first.


More good news! My favourite pumpkin variety, Sweet Dumpling, has started to produce fruits. I had thought they wouldn’t succeed again this…

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