Tree Following – Update

thank you for sharing have a blessed evening Sophie

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

Eucalyptus gunii, the most wonderful of trees, sat at the end of our garden with it’s long swaying branches and it’s attractive foliage.  It’s a sight to behold, to hear, to touch and to smell.

However it’s probably not the best tree to follow through a year because as an evergreen it doesn’t do all that much to be able to follow it monthly.

Having said that there have been a few changes in the last few months since posting my previous update:

  • For one thing the tree has grown.  Another foot at least since April.
  • It’s also bushed out and continues to send out a flush of new growth from each and every branch tip.
  • The root system at ground level has got thicker so would presume more roots have been created under the ground too.
  • The trunk is much more artistic now, bearing it’s traditional mottled cream…

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