Zero Waste Week-the end..?

A pleasure and a blessing

My Make Do and Mend Year

Apologies for the lack of a Day 6 post yesterday. I was working and got back late, and the Smalls didn’t want to go to bed, blah blah blah.

Anyway, today is the 7th and final day of Zero Waste Week.
So what have I learned?

1) Not to be so crazily ambitious and pledge to go zero waste for a week without any kind of forward planning


2) Rubbish just happens. As hard as you try, and as good as you think you are being, someone will hand you a disposable wipe, and suddenly, you have rubbish!

3) The most common rubbish in my landfill bin is plastic

The evidence!

4) There are lots of plastic free alternatives out there-from razors, to toothbrushes, and water bottles to shampoo, but sometimes you just need to look a bit harder for them.
And if you’ve put yourself on a self-imposed Amazon ban

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