As you know we live in the country side and when you live in the countryside you get vermin and so what with having the bait man knock on the door last Friday to ask if I could stop feeding the birds and my hedgehogs for two weeks I was upset but he has allowed me to have a one side wall feeder back and front for the birds.


 Then we also got a letter, stating they would like to update the property with a boiler and other things and they could not do it with us in the property


Then is morning I have the landlords son knock on the door to moan about the garden and the feeders apparently the wheat in some bird food can have a helping hand in keeping the rats alive even when  poison is beaning put down and I said I was taking part in the NO MOW for the Gove meant

And my lawnmower is still waiting for a new pull cord so the rest of the back garden is looking a bit of a mess as well.


So I am a wee bit stressed waiting to hear what is happing weather I need to re start packing again I am sure the rent is most likely to go up after all the building work is done 


The rats have made runs all through my vegetable area so I am going to just have to harvest what I can and pull the rest up and see what happens over the next though months I might just put black plastic over the beds but some need re building where they damage the side of the beds as well


So I apogees if I do not reply to any of your blogs over the next though weeks have a blessed week








  1. silverbells2012 says:

    How awful for you! We’re being encouraged to feed birds so seems weird they would ask you to stop, though if it is encouraging rats I guess there is little choice. Sounds like you have got a lot on your plate, whatever.

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