Following a Tree: September

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Since March the tree in front of our house has become a celebrity. Each month as a part of the loose and leafy meme I’ve been tracking her progress.

She’s a beautiful tree and is now in full leaf.

I remembered this month that one thing the meme mentioned was saplings.

I decided to check the existence of saplings in the viscinity of the tree.

What I found was curious!

Yes in the hedge and the from garden, there were a number of saplings.

Look closely.

They’re not ash tree saplings.

This one is particularly successful as it hid in the pine trees branches.


The broad leaves of a maple are clear and an oak has sprouted but our tree hasn’t made obvious babies of it’s own.


The tree itself is doing really well. She’s in full leaf as you can see. But I’m guessing that Autumn will change all…

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