If I hadn’t watered the garden last night….

awesome and thank you for sharing have a blessed evening

Growing out of chaos

…. it might not have rained today! That said, because it has been raining, I haven’t needed to water the ground where I’ve planted spinach and lettuce seedlings.

In previous years, the spinach didn’t do too well but, having learned that it is better to plant seedlings rather than seed in clay soil, it will be interesting to see what happens this time round. As for the lettuce, the plan is to benefit from a bit of intercropping while it is mild enough. And going on how the lettuce in a container elsewhere has responded to being thinned out in the last few days, I think there is a chance of some good heads before winter kicks in. These lettuces were literally still seedlings at the beginning of the week, although they won’t get that big anyway because the compost they are in is too shallow. Still, any greens are…

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