If I hadn’t asked…..

Awesome and have a blessed day and thank you for sharing

Growing out of chaos

It’s been a glorious day – over 21°C and sunny. The pumpkin and the tomatoes must have loved it, too.

But the highlight that prompted this post is the fact that when I enquired at the local organic farm about getting my meat without the plastic packaging, I learned that there are in fact plans afoot to change the way they operate which will indeed drastically reduce the amount they use. Basically, at the moment the meat is prepared and stored in a separate building from the shop, which is only open two days a week. Hopefully, though, within the next two years the shop and butchery will be combined, so it will be possible to go in and ask for X-amount, which will then be wrapped. So, the next question is whether they will let me take my own container?

Anyway, as I pledged to reduce my plastic waste…

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